2nd Amendment:

Hi, my name is Jim Page. I am a democratic candidate for the 107th District of the State House.

As an avid sportsman, hunter and fisherman, I support the 2nd Amendment.  However, I do support common sense gun control.

I support background check for all weapons purchases.

I will support a ban on the sales or procession of military style weapons. As a veteran of the Marine Corps, I know the power and the purpose of these weapons. They do not belong in a public setting.

The recent demonstrations at the State Capital have shown me that we need to repeal the Open Carry Law.  The presence of these military style weapons at the protest were used to intimidate and terrorize citizens and law maker.   This type of terrorism should not be allowed in Our State or Country!

I’m Jim Page and I do support Governor Whitmer. Thank you!

This Election:

November 3, 2020 Election!  As I watch the news and listen to the lies of Donald Trump and his Republican supporters, I get more motivated to remove all Republicans from public office.  My number one priority this election is to remove Donald Trump from office; I will work for and support Joe Biden for President.

Second, is to retain Senator Peters; I will work to for and support Senator Peters reelection. He has worked for the people of Michigan for more than six years and deserves to be reelected. I will also work for and support Democrats running for the  US Senate.  We need to remove Mitch McConnell and other Republicans that support Donald Trump.

Third, is to remove Jack Bergman from the US House.  He supports Donald Trump; he lies about his residency (actually lives in Louisiana); he is backed and supported by the DeVos Family and their money. He needs to be removed and returned to Louisiana.

Fourth, we need to remove as many republicans from the Michigan House as we can. We need to support Governor Whitmer and the people of Michigan by voting for Democrats.  I’m running for the 107th District of the State House to restore the voice of the People of Michigan.